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Avoid Divorce – Know the Keys to a Happy Marriage

Walking down the isle, feeling so beautiful with that long elegant gown with the sight of your handsome groom at the altar… the feeling is overwhelming. Even if your marriage started with a very simple wedding or a grand celebration of love, living your life with the person you love is one of the most wonderful things in life.
However, there are challenges that come with married life. Keeping the relationship happy and exciting has become a major challenge with married couples. Most often, marriage comes to a point of dullness, misunderstandings and conflicts, and worst, infidelity. Especially if there are growing responsibilities like having children, there may be major changes in the relationship that you might need to adjust to.
Although a man and a woman differ largely on their point of views, there are of course, ways to make their relationships happy and fulfilling, and this shows in happy marriages and marriages that work, of course.
Below are some things that might help in making your relationships happy. These may not necessarily be the only keys to a happy marriage but it might help in your quest to make the marriage work.
* Communicate. It is always first in the list when it comes to knowing the keys to a happy marriage, and even in almost any relationships too. As earlier mentioned, men and women look at things differently so one major thing that connects them to what one likes or not is to tell each other. Share your thoughts, your problems, the things that bother you, and share your dreams as well. You are in the marriage because you want to share your life with that person, so tell your spouse, and share it with her.
* Face the reality that you are not marrying a perfect person. You do not have to change the person to somebody you want. Accepting each other’s flaws and shortcomings is one challenge in marriage. Think that neither of you are perfect, so if his flaws in judgment annoy you, think about how your spouse understands your flaws as well.
* Trust is a major foundation in marriage. Spouses cheating on their partners are often common reasons for divorce and unhappy marriages. Once your partner loses trust in you, things may never be the same for both of you. Do not give your spouse any reason to doubt you.
* Be careful with your words. Harsh words can be too powerful to destroy a marriage. Even if you are angry, have the habit not to insult or curse your partner. It is normal to get angry or throw your temper at times, your partner may understand that, but if you add it with harsh words, it may stay and create a gap in the future.
* Spend time with your partner. Not because you are living under the same roof you would think there is no need to go out with your partner and have a good time together. Maintaining that friendship with your spouse is one key to keep your bond tighter. Lack of time for each other can be the start of a dwindling relationship.
These are just some of the keys to a happy marriage. If you learn to understand your spouse in every way, indeed you will find true happiness in marriage. 

Carolyn Anderson loves to write self-help topics on love and relationships. To learn more about tips on improving your relationship with your partner, check out 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships. Also check out Keep Your Marriage, a relationship guide on how to keep and strengthen your marriage.

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