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Comfortable Wedding Shoes – Making Your Own Wedding Shoes

It will not be out of place to remind that one should give equal importance to the normally ignored aspect of bridal shoes’ selection when the other items are devoted ample time to fit ideally into scheme of things. The reason for such indifference may be related either to the shoes getting covered under wedding gown or to the negligible range offered by the stores to make a selection.

This may be the reason for plain satin pumps being common bridal wear. But, a little enterprising can avoid the plain and ordinary wear by giving them a distinctively elegant and novel appearance. Apart from usage of imagination, one would require some items of decoration to give the ordinary an extraordinary look. To begin with, the shoes need to be purchased. The first option is to go for a plain dye able white pair of bridal shoes to subsequently dye it according to the gown’s color. The other option is to buy the matching colored shoes off the shelf.

The decoration of the purchased pair ensues thereafter. One can choose from sequins, pearls, ribbons, silk flowers and lace to beautify the ordinary shoes. One should follow the method and material of the design on the gown while decorating the shoes. The pearls and tulle or only lacework on the gown should prompt one to go for ditto while decorating the shoes. The end result would give the pair a look of special designer shoes because of the uniformity of the gown with the shoes. Similar treatment can be applied to the ornaments, too.

One can also control the tenure of the decoration by choosing between the temporary and the permanent. The former demands attachment of the decorations on the shoes with the help of removable shoe clips which can be procured from specialty shoe shop or Bridal decorations dealing crafts stores. Hot glue gun will be needed for the latter option.

Fabric or cardboard is to be fixed on the shoe clip. The decoration of the fabric or cardboard base should not keep any blank space. The shoe clip can be clipped after finishing the decoration, which can be detached whenever one wants the shoes to be plain and ordinary.

The front toe area of the shoes is the most common place for the decorations ranging from pearls and sequins, ribbons and rosettes, and lace and small flowers. There is no rule to prohibit anyone to decorate the backward heel area of the shoes or the strap, which needs care to decorate it. One might like the entire surface decorated. One should decorate both the shoes in a similar and symmetrical manner.

A simple process such as the above deserves a try to change the getup of the bridal shoes from the ordinary to designer. Shoes too merit equal attention since it can complement or mar the appearance of any impressive attire of the bride. The shoes designed by her would give an exclusive look to elate any bride, after all creation breeds satisfaction.

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