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How You Can Save Your Marriage by Creating Intimacy

You must be sure you can save your marriage, when it passes though a difficult period. If you are not, don’t waste your time trying to save it. So you must decide you are going to save it.

Marriages in difficulty often suffer from a lack of intimacy. A happy marriage requires a high level of intimacy which is both physical and emotional. You need to ask yourself is there is sufficient intimacy in your marriage.

Are you completely open with your partner? Do you guard your emotional feelings to yourself and handle your problems on your own or do you share with your partner and arrange your problems openly with them. Your marriage will lack intimacy when you leave your partner aside emotionally and it may be necessary to do something about it to save your marriage.

You have to learn to share your difficulties with your partner. Wives understand when there is a problem and when they are excluded they feel left out on their own. They feel hurt and this soon reflects on the marriage. You are therefore making a serious error when you try to go things alone.

You must also learn to give time to your marriage. There is little point when you advanced well in your career and looked after the children, that your marriage has just disappeared. We live in a period where we exceptionally occupied with a multitude of things that require our attention. To avoid losing our marriage you must give it the time it merits.

Dedicate some time to your wife and your marriage. Put time aside to be with your wife. From time to time change your work plans to be with them. Your wife will be flattered to see you value them so much and you will find that your marriage runs much better.

Make sure that if you want to save marriage that you’re actively making time for your spouse and your marriage. Once in a while take an impromptu afternoon off and have some fun with your spouse. When your spouse realizes that you value them to the extent of changing your schedule to include them, you will begin to see an improved difference in your marriage.

Creating intimacy in your marriage must be continuous and it must be nurtured if you marriage is to work out. Never let your marriage just run on its own as, sooner or later, you may find it is too late to save it. You have to be permanently attentive.

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