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If You Want to Make Him Yours You Have to Play Hard to Get!

Is there a guy that you know who you want to have fall for you? Are you ready for the romance of your life time? All that you need to do if you want to make him yours is learn how to play hard to get to gain and keep his interest. Here is how to do that…

Playing hard to get is something that any girl can do, but not many are comfortable trying it. This is because too many girls lack the self esteem that will help them to see that just because you put up a bit of resistance, doesn’t mean you are going to lose a guy. If he really likes you, he is going to be willing and ready to fight for you.

Don’t create drama that does not really exist, that is not the proper way to play hard to get with a guy. And for that matter, neither is being mean to him or telling him that you actually are not interested in him. Those things will drive him away from you and you will be left wondering what you can do to get him back.

All that you have to do it not give in too easily to him and let him win you over right from the start. If you really love him and feel that he is the one, you will want to tell him that. But instead you need to keep it to yourself until he tells you first. That is how to know that he really truly does mean it.

Learning to play hard to get is not rocket science, just use your logic. For instance, if a guy knows that he can call you up any hour day or night and get a date with you, then he may not really appreciate what it would be like to miss you. However, if he knows that you have a great life and that he has to compete with other people and activities for your time, he will value the time he gets with you.

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