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If You Want to Save You Marriage – Avoid the 3 Mistakes

It is distressing to see so many marriages in trouble these days.  Married couples are facing a lot of challenges with job losses and shortage of funds.  If you don’t communicate your frustrations with your mate you might find yourself in a messy divorce situation.  Going the divorce route might not be the solution to your problems.  Your first step should be counseling, so you can get a fresh prospective on your situation.  If you are serious about saving your marriage you need to avoid these 3 mistakes.

1.  Don’t make the mistake thinking that your marriage should be perfect. You must realize that in every marriage there are going to be times that you do not agree on things and you must learn to communicate with each other with a open mind.  You know that you are not perfect so don’t expect your mate to be perfect either.  You and your mate must learn how to deal with conflicts that come up in your marriage.

2.  You must realize that communication in marriage is very important.  Don’t assume that you mate can read your mind and if doesn’t you get mad.  You must be honest with your partner and when your communication is open you and your mate can solve any problems that arise in your marriage.  Realize that in marriage there must be compromise and know that at times you have to give in and at times your mate has to give in in order to save your marriage.

3.  Commitment in a marriage is vital.  You can’t have a mindset that every time something goes wrong in your marriage you will run.  It is very important that both of you have the understanding that you are there for the long haul. Don’t abandon your marriage until you tried everything humanly possible to make it a stable and loving relationship.

Do every thing that you can to save your marriage.  But sometimes the damage to the marriage is beyond repair.  Some issues might not be able to get resolved, even counseling will not be able to help.  In those rare cases you might be better of getting the divorce.  But if divorce is not the answer and you want more information on how to save your marriage there is help available.

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