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The Guru to His Own Father: Murugan

Murugan’s other name is Subramanya the son of Shiva. According to the Indus, he was created from the fire which came out of the third eye of Shiva when he wanted to burn Manmata who was the lord of romance and love. He tried to distract Shiva from his meditation and turn his thoughts to romance instead. He was born to kill two demons Surapadma and Tarakasura.

He would be depicted with a peacock as his mount and a lance called Vel is his weapon. Kodi, his army’s flag, has the symbol of a rooster making him known as a Seval Kodiyon. He has a couple of wives. One of them was daughter of the king of the Devas, Indra. Her name was Devayani and his other wife was Vailli who belonged to a tribal community in Tamil.

As a boy, Murugan was already knowledgeable about the true meaning of Om. The Om symbolizes in Hindu as the Supreme Knowledge and anyone who understands the meaning of Om definitely considered a Gyani who recognizes the Supreme Truth. There was a time when the Creator, Brahma, did not show respect to the Shiva’s son out of arrogance. He considered the arrogant god and asked him his knowledge about Om but, unfortunately, he was not able to do it. The little boy then imprisoned him due to his incompetence.

When Shiva learned about this, he came to help Brahma and questioned his little boy’s authority in imprisoning the creator of the universe. He even wondered if his son really knew things about Om. The little boy was confident enough to tell his father that if he also does not know its meaning, then, he could always learn it from him as long as he asks him very politely like eager students who wishes to learn from their master.

His father, Shiva, agreed to this. Like any obedient student, he seated himself lower in front of Murugan and put one hand over his chest and another hand over his mouth. This is their way of respecting saints and guru. His little son then told him the secrets of the Om discretely by his father’s ears.

Because of this, he became the only saint to teach the lord of destruction! He was given yet another name, Swaminathan. He was also hailed a Thagappan Sami or a person who has become the Guru of his very own father.

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