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The Sassy Sophisticated Red Wedding Guide

There are few things more beautiful than a red wedding. Red, coupled with other colors, can be the most gorgeous, fascinating color around. Brides that wear red show they have passion, sophistication and nerve. There are many shades of red that can produce different results. Darker reds can be more modern, while brighter reds more flamboyant and contemporary. Some reds can look rustic and others can look vintage. It’s all about the tints and what one pairs with them.

Modern red weddings generally pair black, white and gray with deep rich toned reds. The modern bride will wear a white dress with red accents or a red dress with white or black accents. Flowers usually are the elegant black calla lily, the traditional dark red roses or the sophisticated Dahlia. Wedding invitations are clean and simple with raised black lettering on white background, or red background. A simple white accent will really look lovely. Bridesmaids can wear white, if the bride is wearing red or black to contrast beautifully with a white or red dress.

Contemporary red weddings can pair very bright colors with red. Teal is what is popular today, or a bright purple. If that is too bright for your tastes, a more tasteful color would be fuchsia. Styles of contemporary weddings with red are usually a very unusual color. When one does contemporary themes, think couture. A good place to see what might look great is looking through the fashion week wedding collections. While some of the dresses are too expensive for most budgets, be on the lookout for the idea behind the dresses. Check specific beading designs, color schemes, lengths and accessories.

Whether you choose modern or contemporary, a bride looks like a million in her dress of red, white or black. Speak to wedding planners about what colors might clash with a red dress, for your bridesmaids. Florists are great at matching flowers for certain color schemes, don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want.

Finally, red weddings are in fashion right now. You’ll find hundreds of dress styles that are all red, or just accented in red. With the red dress, choosing bridesmaids colors may be more difficult, especially if you would like a brighter secondary color. There’s no harm in adding a third color to the wedding in order to accommodate your flower choices or bridesmaid dress choices. Whichever you choose, you’ll look beautiful.

Lina has extensive knowledge in the wedding field and has owned and ran a wedding planner service for 18 years. She began planning weddings out of her basement room and eventually to an office where she now employs several people.

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