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We Need a Marriage Counselor, But How Do We Know Who to Choose?

A married couple seeking counseling are obviously having struggles agreeing on things, among numerous other issues. Despite this, a couple must swallow their differences at least for the amount of research it takes to select marriage counselors. If finding a choice is not a team effort, the likelihood of the counseling being successful decreases. The first step in narrowing down your options is deciding together if a man or woman therapist would be preferred. Once this is decided, some specific therapists can be researched. Several questions must be answered during this exploring process.

The financial standpoint is often a turn-off from getting marriage counseling. With that said, it is important to ask these questions: What are the counseling fees and are there discounts available? Are there possible insurance reimbursements? What about cancellation policies? Learning now what different monetary procedures are used will help prevent a headache later.

Another essential point to explore is finding out how long they have been in practice, specifically working with couples as marriage counselors. Everyone wants an experienced therapist. Also, make sure they are licensed. Not all states require authorized licenses. Contacting the State Board of Licensing is an easy way to determine if the counselors you are researching are certified in this field. If they do hold a license, make certain it is current and valid. Many styles of marriage counseling exist today. Some techniques work better than others for particular situations, such as self-destructive behavior, trust issues and unresolved fears. While different types have been researched and compared, the general conclusion is that the most essential facet of any counseling technique is on building a relationship between the marriage counselors and their clients.

Marriage counselors that work with different methods have differing educational backgrounds. Clinical or counseling psychologists have a Ph D degree. Psychiatrists have a medical degree, or M.D. Psychoanalysts do not have specific abbreviations associated with their names, but they are required to have significant education and be psychoanalyzed themselves. They make up some of the most trained psychotherapists in the country. Social Workers have either a Doctorate degree in philosophy or a Master’s Degree in Social Work, or MSW. Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) hold Master’s Degrees or Doctorates of Philosophy. In addition to their extensively differing educational backgrounds, training among each specific title is different, as well. Researching and finding the right fit is obviously crucial before counseling sessions can begin.

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