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Wedding Envelope Printing – Formal Touches For a Wedding Invitation

The value of wedding invitations are not to be underestimated. Wedding invitations can set the pace and mood for a wedding in terms of formality, motif, or profile of the wedding. After designing and printing the invitation, seat cards, RSVP cards, and maps, these are all commonly placed inside a wedding envelope. Wedding envelope printing also needs its own level of attention.

Wedding envelopes should be properly labeled, paying special attention to the spelling and font style of the text. Paper stock and finish are also important elements to consider as each can project its own level of formality. Below are points to consider when printing envelopes for wedding invitations.

Size – Sizes of wedding invitation envelopes should be considered as invitations often have various sizes and shapes. Invitation sizes can be custom-made and would need specifically-sized envelopes. Standard-sized envelopes are more convenient to order and print.

Paper Stock – Paper stocks can include a selection of textures, thicknesses and coatings. The paper thickness projects formality and quality. The thicker the paper, the more formal it looks. Envelopes can also have various coatings and textures including coated, uncoated or matte finishes.

Design – Envelope design should consider elements such as color, pattern, gradient, graphic design, and orientation. Colors and gradients are associated with a certain use. Neutrals such as cream, ecru, or white and pastels such as baby blue, peach, light pink, and lavender are commonly associated with formal weddings. Bolder colors are for theme or destination weddings. Patterns and graphic designs should be carefully considered as more formal styles are commonly restrained.

Font Style – There are several font styles and sizes for envelopes. Each font style also projects its own tone or sense of formality. There are elegant calligraphy fonts, romantic Victorian fonts, and whimsically-themed fonts. Font size and design should be large enough for legibility and clarity.

Brides can choose hassle-free, convenient online printing companies to print wedding envelopes and invitations. Customized print orders can be done through their website, by calling a toll-free number, or through live chat.

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