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What Happy Couples Have

Some may have doubts over married life, but these thinkers missed the chance of living life to the fullest. And committing yourself to a lasting relationship is a decision to taste the sweet-bitter meaning of living love-life.

During the early stage of marriage, it’s either you quarrel a lot or you both have difficulty leaving each for even a minute. Between the two, the latter is the best attitude towards marriage. Although arguments and debates over issues you both have opposite views are healthy to any relationship, it must not go overboard. Overboard means you insist your opinion to be your spouse’s opinion. So what are the activities that make couples happy doing together?



Literally means a physical contact where the two becomes one. Happy relationship of married couples emanates from the express love through pro-creation. Psychologists and marriage counselors always remind couple that the strong bond of married life is the expression of love through intimacy. Get intimate with your wife or husband because in doing so you have express your love to your spouse.


Respect and Appreciation

What every man wishes their wives would do is to appreciate their efforts for providing the needs of your family. It’s the pride of every man to be able to address the need of his family. And by literally appreciating your husband means you have acknowledge him. Your respect for him also influences a great impact to your relationship. By respecting his needs or authority you are giving him the pride and honor of being the man in your relationship. Likewise if you are respecting the needs and wants of your wife, you are building a happy relationship for your family. Appreciating her efforts to cater and meet all the demands in the household would influence her disposition of being happy and fulfilled.


Outdoor Activities

Fun things to do outside the four corners of your home are a better way to bond a relationship. Doing things together like sports or leisure walk or picnics creates a happy relationship. Leaving the stress from work or household chaos through outdoor activities puts the relationship in a fresh outlook. Some couple engages in sports together and the healthy competition of sports creates a friendship which adds to the intimacy of relationship. Always put your marriage on a good disposition.


In any relationship these things always creates strong bond. There is no short cut to a happy relationship. You always have to go through stages of hardships to test your loyalty and love, difficulties to test your spirit and wisdom and in the end those who endure all these ends up happy and fulfilled. Keep living and loving.



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