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Where to Purchase Gothic Victorian Clothing

The Victorian period is known for the sexual repression. However this period is known for romance as well. The art, literature as well as the culture during this period was quiet influenced by the romance to a great extent. All the artists used to paint some of the great paintings related to the romance. In fact the romance was the main subject for them. The period also saw the some of the great development in the field of clothing as well. Lots of industries were established during this period. And the clothes were developed on large scale.

The Victorian clothes were deeply influenced by the gothic style and hence the clothes of this period are popularly known as the gothic Victorian clothing.

It is one of the period in which clothing became quiet popular. As far as the period around the year 1837 is concerned, all the clothes were made in the mills which were situated in the Scotland, Ireland and of coarse England. However, the final shape to all the clothes were being given by the seamstresses, milliners, tailors, hatters, Glovers, corsetiers and many other specialized trades people. There were many families still who cannot afford the costly tailors. Hence they used to give the final shape to the clothes on their own.

If you will look at the start of the 20th century then you will find out that all the clothes were being made by the factory now. However the custom sewing as well as the traditional sewing techniques have not yet ended.

In the beginning of the 21st century, we still find ourselves in the habit of buying these clothes. And why not, they are really quiet famous. The cloth which the brides wear in their marriage is also of gothic Victorian style. Most of the women even today find these clothes simply too romantic and they love to go on date wearing these clothes. You can go to some famous dating places in London and you will find out that the gothic Victorian clothes are really quiet famous in this region.

I too love these clothes and my fiancé always insist me while shopping to buy one for her. London is the main market for these types of clothes apart from Scotland and the Ireland. However some of the famous shops in London are as follows:

-Blue water shopping centre
-Brent cross shopping centre
-Broadway Hammersmith
-Burlington arcade
-Carnaby street
-Centre court shopping centre

These are really some of the best shopping centers for the gothic Victorian clothes. However these clothes are available in almost all corners of the world. But the centers which I have listed above are simply great.

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