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Who Else Loves the Beautiful Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot?

Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots

Due to their brilliant colors the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots are the most sought-after pets all over the world. Though they are originally from coastal Mexico, these birds are known as Amazon parrots.

Their body is a contrast of colors, as if that great artist tipped the palette accidentally to give them so vivid colors, for they have the bright green body with a dazzling yellow colored head and to top it two glittering reddish emblems on both wings. Other than their natural habitats like savannahs, mangrove swamps, tropical or subtropical forests, or cultivated land where trees are available for nesting, they can be also seen abundantly in south of Mexico in Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras. Sadly these unique species are facing annihilation in the hands of humans due to ruthless poaching and illegal trade as well losing of their natural habitats because of human encroachment
of the forest.

The ensnared Yellow Heads are available to the pet lovers everywhere but only at a higher prize. They are exceptionally favored parrot species due to their ability to adapt human voices. They are only second to African grey parrots, who are the biggest talkers of the parrot world. Even though, all the Yellow Headed Amazon parrots can be taught to talk, the ability varies from bird to bird. Some may easy to train and faster to talk, other may never cooperate. Like their bright colors, they are very clever, cheerful, and energetic birds. Like small kids, they demand our attentions by making loud and
playful voices. Their vocal chords can produce the loudest voice of all the Amazon parrots but those
screeching sounds can be trained to speak soft human voices. Since they are very energetic birds they flourish on large spacious areas than in confined cages, because of their need for regular exercises.

These birds are easy to teach and eager to learn. One thing to remember for the pet owners that to provide them enough materials to chew on otherwise like any of their species can become destructive.
Males of these birds can reach an average length of one foot three inches, female are comparatively smaller.

Yellow Heads has thick curved and hooked beaks which can be used to crack hardest shell of any nuts as well as for hanging, digging or climbing. They use their legs too climbing and use them like our hand while holding foods. Their two toes are pointing forwards and two backwards, which helps them to have excellent grip.In their natural environment the Yellow Heads eat all varieties of fruits, nuts and buds and known to invade cultivated farms in search of maze. In captivity also they enjoy all variety of fruits, nuts, berries, and vegetables. Like any parrots a balanced diet is a must for the overall health of these beautiful birds.

While considering these lovely birds for pets the owners must aware the long life span of this parrots. They almost live the life span of humans. That means 60 to 80 years. Knowing that, the owners must prepare themselves for a life long attachment with their pets. One can find blemishes in any pets, but these Yellow Headed Amazon Parrots can provide perpetual enjoyment to their owners.

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